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April 30, 2003

Hello, peaceables (thanks to Rocky for making it a noun!) - it's very hard to keep up these days, and not just because of the volume of material.  It's also the maelstrom of feelings I am tossed about in:  I'm sad and angry and hopeless and hopeful and inspired (by the stories of courage and love and solidarity) and appalled (by the stories of indifference and massacres and shameless greed).  A friend wrote to me today, "Do you ever feel that life is like walking through a minefield and people are blowing up all around you?"  Frankly, yes - and I can't figure out why I've been so lucky in where I blindly put my feet.          

I'm not sure he meant it this way, but I take some reassurance from these lines from Christopher Fry's poem "A Sleep of Prisoners:  " The frozen misery/Of centuries breaks, cracks, begins to move;/The thunder is the thunder of the floes,/The thaw, the flood, the upstart Spring./Thank God our time is now when wrong/Comes up to face us everywhere,/Never to leave us till we take /The longest stride of soul we ever took."  It reminds me that, as puny as I feel as an individual in the face of horrendous events, I'm also part of a worldwide movement that is taking "the longest stride of soul we ever took" to build an alternative to the world Bush and his ilk have wrought. 

Be well, be safe, wage peace.



We must be the change we wish to see in the world.
- Mahatma Gandhi

Calls to Action   

POSTPONED: National Rally For Peace, Social Justice And The Environment.  The Coalition of environmental, labour, faith, peace, youth and women's groups working on the rally for May 4th in Ottawa have decided to POSTPONE the Rally, to conserve resources for Bush's re-scheduled visit. May 31: A National Teach-in on Iraq, Preemptive War and Democracy.   
 (if you know of Canadian events for that day, please send me details)

Not specifically a call, but a good resource:  organizing tools for community activists.

News /information

The Bush administration shamelessly builds a team of private sector executives to run appointing the Iraqi economy, imposing  failed free market policies and opening Iraq further to U.S. business interests.  

An inventory of US precedents in "decision-based evidence-making." 

(one answer to Robert Jensen's question in Outlook India :  "How blatantly can an administration lie to promote a war and get away with it?"


Choices: A Poem About Bush's War"
Would you rather have health insurance
you can actually afford, or bomb Iraq?
Would you rather have enough inspectors
to keep your kids from getting poisoned
by bad hamburgers,
or bomb Iraq?
Would you rather breathe clean air
and drink water free from pesticides
and upriver shit, or bomb Iraq?

We're the family in debt whose kids
need shoes and go to the dentist
but we spend our cash on crack:
an explosion in our heads
or many on the TV, where's the bigger thrill?
It's money blowing up in those weird green lights,
money for safety, money for schools and headstart.

Oh, we love fetuses now, we even dote on embryos
the size of needle tips: but people, who needs them?
Collateral damage. Babies, kids, goats and tabby catrs,
old women's sewing old men praying,
they'll become smoke. and blow away like sandstorms
of the precious desert covering treasure.

Let's go conquer more oil and dirty the air
and choke our lungs till our insides
look like stinky residue in an old dumpster.
More dead people is obviously what we need,
some of theirs, some of ours.
After they're dead a while,
strip them and it's hard to tell the difference.

-Marge Piercy, Copyright 2003, Middlemarsh, Inc.

The Mayor of Hiroshima writes to Dubya protesting his submission to Congress of a 2004 Defense Authorization Bill requesting funds for developing "small" nuclear weapons  

See lots more inspiring and poweful material at the city's web site. 

You've probably figured out by now that I'm partial to Maureen Dowd...here she skewers American "hypocrisy and apple pie."

...and Paul Krugman, along similar lines, about the administrations invasion under false pretences.   "We were not lying...it was just a matter of emphasis."   

A few months old, but still timely, an address to the Security Council of the United Nations by G ila Svirsky, Women in Black and Coalition of Women for Peace. 

Finally, since so many people responded appreciatively to Margaret Randall's poems about the war, here's one by Marge Piercy

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