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November 2, 2004

Dear peaceables -

I'm sitting with one ear to the radio, practically holding my breath while CBC reports the evolving US election returns.  This will keep me from chewing my nails... I saw Outfoxed last week and strongly recommend it.  I don't have a tv, so had never seen a Fox programme - if someone had shown me some of the items in Outfoxed on their own, I would have thought they were particularly nasty satire.   I've included several links below to do with media, media activism and media reform.  Heaven knows, we'll need them - regardless of who wins. So far it's a dead heat in popular vote but Bush has a lot more electoral votes.  Sound familiar?  I think I'll hit the send button and go to bed - looks like there won't be a clear answer tonight.

Peace to all,


Calls to Action   

Petition the Canadian government to protect US war resisters.
See also   

Declare peace! 

The Free Press E-Activist Network is looking for volunteers. 

Gildan has been given until Nov. 30 to take corrective action on violations of workers' rights or it will lose its status as a participating company with the Fair Labor Association.. 
site 1

Peace is in Our Hands trains peace ambassadors world wide. 

Did you know that 2000 - 2010 is the International Decade for a Culture of Peace and Non-violence for the Children of the World?   Find out how to take part.

The Activists Handbook is described as a bit "Americo-centric...[but] a good practical introduction to being politically active." activist's handbook.   I agree.  

News /information

Courage to Refuse and its founder have been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Apparently, it's o.k. for governments to expect women to subsidize them in tough times.  From the Women's Legal Education and Action Fund (LEAF), a press release concerning last week's Supreme Court decision that the Newfoundland goverment had discriminated against female employees - but that it was justified because of an economic crisis

A team of American and Iraqi epidemiologists estimates that there have been 100,000 excess civilian casualties since the onset of the war last year.  

A Congressional report on secrecy in the Bush administration. 

A beginner's guide to media for people new to the issue. 

10 questions to ask candidates and elected officials about media. 

A good independent media site. 

If there is another prolonged period of uncertainty about the outcome of the election, this site is the place to go for timely reporting on US politics. 

For deeper reporting on US and international news. 

The Centre for Social Justice publishes a great poster, Exposing the Face of Corporate Power.

Alternatives must be kept alive. While learning the slow art of revolutionary patience.
-  Breyten Breytenbach

Iroquois Chief Jake Tekaronianeken Swamp has been planting "trees of peace" ceremonially since 1984.  Find out more about the Peace Tree Society.

Around the world, a lot of us are holding our collective breath tonight.  Eric Margolis discusses why. 

Paul Krugman on the up side:  instead of becoming cynical, Americans seem to have become motivated to make their votes count. 

A friend sent me this today - wish I had seen it in time for my last digest.  Anyway, it will always be relevant:  from Rabbi Michael Lerner of Tikkun, a meditation before going to vote

l Writers Against War is a literary e-zine published quarterly. 

Anticipating a Bush win and a flood of refugees to Canada, some enterprising folks have set up a web site where Canadians can volunteer to help out desperate American liberals (tongue in cheek but...) 

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