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November 14, 2004

Dear peacemongers -

I've been away for a while, but even had I been here, I think my heart was too heavy last week to put another digest together right way.  Ironically, my trip was to Washington, where almost everyone I met seemed to be stunned, outraged or devastated by the election results (obviously I didn't meet many Republicans).  There was lots of joking about how to move to Canada - with an edge of semi-seriousness to it.  The amazing mobilization of social movements in the US to oust Bush was not quite enough to carry the day, but it is evidence that there is still a strong spirit of democracy in the country.  Things indeed look grim in the short and medium term, but we need to be strategic optimists - and there is evidence that it is well-founded.  In links below, Michael Moore comments on the record turnout of young voters and Wellstone Action reports that at least 19 candidates trained by the Wellstone Institute were elected.  I hope and trust that progressives everywhere will be galvanized rather than demoralized by the election results - we need to be.  In keeping with that sentiment, this digest is short on facts and long on commentary/inspiration and humour. 



Calls to Action   

There are two upcoming events in Ottawa - on Nov. 20, a rally and march to the US embassy demanding the US and Coalition withdraw from Iraq, on Nov. 27 a rally against Ballistic Missile Defence. 

See Canadian Voice of Women campaigns, especially information on opposing ballistic missile defence. 

Be The Change! is a youth-led sustainable development programme to empower young people around the world to "be the change they want to see in the world." (Gandhi) 

Ten steps to reduce your contribution to global warmning. 

The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives is calling on the feds to invest the surplus in enhancing programs, not tax cuts - read the report and give your MP a piece of your mind. 

(you can find your MP's e-mail address here)

News /information

The Rocky Mountain Institute has released a report saying that the US could end dependence on oil in a few decades. 

This Global Warming Hotmap shows the impact of global warming around the world - you can click on a region for more more detail.  

Read about Wellstone Action training and voter mobilization. 


Don't mourn, organize.

- Joe Hill

How anti-gay hysteria helped elect Bush. 

Judy Rebick on the implcations of the US election for women's rights. 

Barbara Ehrenreich on "The Faith Factor." 

Starhawk on "The Road Forward." 

Rabbi Michael Lerner on the need for a spiritual Left. 

This op ed by Maureen Dowd is from the New York Times , but the link gets lost after a few days - it will be here longer for you at Truthout.org. 

Also at Truthout.org, a translation of a piece by Edwy Plenel from Le Monde on "Bush, God and moral values."  

Sarah Anderson's "Ten Reasons NOT to move to Canada." 

William Jelani Cobb explains his own reasons for refusing to be driven out of the US, quoting Paul Robeson in answer to a reporter who asked why he didn't just leave: ""Because my father was a slave and my people died to build this country and no fascist-minded people will drive me out from it - is that clear?

Alma Norman sent me a lovely but longish piece by Glo Mills (no relation, as far as I know) - couldn't find it on her blog site, but there is much else worth reading there. 

More on medical complicity in torture in Iraq, Afghanistan, Guantánamo. 

Marjorie Cohn on war crimes in Iraq

Michael Moore provides reason for hope - see "The Kids are Alright" and "17 Reasons Not to Slit Your Wrists.

Humour is a great way of tiding us over until the pain abates a bit and we can continue struggling and it seems a lot of people are resorting to it to cope with the blow of the US election result.  Here are the best I've received in the past week, not in any particular order. US election results listed by average IQ in each state (please don't send me any quibbles about the validity of IQ testing; this is sent in the name of humour). 

These apologies to the world from Americans embarrassed by the recent election results are by turns funny, touching, inspiring and sad.  Lots of people from elsewhere have used the site to send encouragement. 

This is one my son sent me: "A Day in the Life of Joe Republican."

 A "Notice of Revocation of Independence" addressed from England to the US. 

If you are one of the few people in the world who hasn't yet seen the map of the "United States of Canada" and Jesusland, you can see it here. 

Newshounds is a great topical comic strip - fortunately, you can get any strip right back to the first one - you might want to check out the first couple to get a sense of the premise and characters

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