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November 28, 2004

Dear Peacefolk -

Too sleepy to add commentary to this one.  It's Thanksgiving weekend south of the border and I'm sharing the spirit (if not the turkey) - feeling extremely grateful for my foster-mothe.  We're celebrating her 99th birthday today with family from near and far so I want to get this out before I go, or it will get delayed for another week.   The longer between digests, the harder it is to select - and some links get lost.



Calls to Action   

For information about activities protesting the Bush agenda during his visit to Canada next week.

See also Nowar-Paix on Ottawa demo at noon on Nov. 30.

Cross-Canada listings for anti-Bush events. 

Activities in Montreal. 

Alexa McDonough's action bulletin against Ballistic Missile Defence.

For information and (for US recipients) action on consumer protection for elections.

Have you heard of The Meatrix?  Called "one of the most popular online advocacy films ever," it is accompanied by a toolbox for fighting factory farms. 

This activist calendar is worth bookmarking. 

News /information

According to an international marketing research poll, un popular US foreign policies are a threat to American businesses - 20% of foreign consumers say they won't buy American products. 

This month a car bomb killed the Venezuelan state prosecutor leading the investigation of massive financial support from a US foundation for attempts to overthrow President Hugo Chávez.  

More about the US machinations in Venezuela.

Naomi Klein and other social justice experts at a recent conference on "Navigating a New World" said that activists can now get back to, "improving human rights, combating religious intolerance and global warming," now that the US election is over.  

Another election, in Uruguay, with very different results! 

Information about corporate predators. 

On the use of depleted iranium in Iraq. 

Imperial Oil has submitted an application to build the "single largest mega project of industrialization in the history of the settler state of Canada." 

A treasure trove!   The Utne Independent Press Award nominees are listed. 

The Progressive Health Net is a site devoted to issues of social justice and public health. 

Tides Canada's newsletter celebrates change-makers. 

We can't help being thirsty, moving toward
the voice of water. Milk drinkers draw close
to the mother. Muslims, Christians, Jews,
Buddhists, Hindus, shamans, everyone hears
the intelligent sound and moves with thirst to
meet it.

- Rumi

Arundhati Roy's speech on accepting the Sydney Peace Prize. 

Irshad Manji, on being a liberal Muslim. 

Maureen Dowd on the plague of toadies in the Bush administration. 

Visions of peace and justice in Israel/Palestine.  http://www.vopj.org/ Naomi Klein on "Smoking while Iraq burns." 

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